Apprenticeship as
Industrial Management Assistant with Business Administration/Economics

Materials still need to be purchased for production, job interviews are on the agenda in the Human Resources department, and a company partner is waiting for a cost estimate? Not a problem for you, because after your training as an industrial management assistant, you’re an all-rounder for all areas of a modern industrial company.

In your apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to compare offers, negotiate with suppliers, and supervise the receipt of goods. In Sales and Distribution, your tasks include the processing of orders and the timely dispatch of goods. You’ll also monitor production processes and plan marketing strategies. In Accounting, you’ll handle the bookkeeping and monitor payment transactions. In Human Resource Management, you’ll learn how to play a part in staff placement and how to plan personnel deployment.

The aim of the extra-occupational degree course to become a Professional of Business Management (AEA) or Professional of Business (CCI) from the second apprenticeship year is to prepare you for higher professional experience and to provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge, skills, and methods on a scientific basis. Furthermore, the course will expand your general professional knowledge, promote critical thinking, and broaden your perspective beyond your own area of responsibility to operational and macroeconomic contexts. The further training courses are very demanding and can be compared to a dual degree program in terms of material.

Apprenticeship period:

3 years Industrial Management Assistant apprenticeship, can be shortened to 2 years
2 years Professional of Business (CCI) further training
3 years Professional of Business Management (AEA) further training